Positive Motocross Season Start For Ivo Monticelli in Italy

Ivo Monticelli of the Standing Construct KTM Team made a positive start to the 2019 motocross season at Riola Sardo in Italy. Monticelli finished just outside the top five in both the MX1 – and Superfinal races, which gave him a great platform for his world championship season to come.

The track at Riola Sardo consists of deep, heavy sand, which provides a good workout to riders at the beginning of the season. Ivo started off his day well by qualifying sixth in a GP-stacked field.

Monticelli proved during the races that his pre-season training had paid dividends. He finished seventh in the MX1 heat, which gained him entry into the Superfinal.  Despite being confronted with a gnarly, heavy track, he finished sixth in this race, adding handsomely to his points total.

Max Anstie and Glenn Coldenhoff did not participate in this race. Anstie is attending a training camp in Spain, and Coldenhoff is working on his recovery and will return to action soon. The three riders will all participate in the upcoming international at Hawkstone Park in the  UK.

Results Italian Championship Riola Sardo:

MX1 Race:

1 Antonio Cairoli

2 Romain Febvre

3 Tim Gajser

4 Gautier Paulin

5 Arminas Jasikonis

7 Ivo Monticelli


1 Antonio Cairoli

2 Tim Gajser

3 Jorge Prado

4 Gautier Paulin

5 Romain Febvre

6 Ivo Monticelli

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